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We believe that corporate America has manipulated our legal systems to protect and enhance profits at the expense of workers and the public. Our health and our environment is being assaulted daily by big business' non-sustainable, exploitive and polluting practices. Big business uses its enormous economic wealth to buy politicians and legislation; distort science to create doubt and controversy and subvert the judicial system; and spreads lies and half-truths to misdirect public opinion.

We have documents which show that entire industries have manipulated and distorted science and public knowledge for their own benefit, at the expense of our health, safety and welfare. The industries engaging in massive deceptions include, among so many others:

  • asbestos companies selling their products decades after they knew that asbestos causes terrible lung cancers and other diseases;
  • petrochemical companies manufacturing benzene knew that benzene causes blood disorders including leukemic cancers;
  • beryllium companies that knew minuscule amounts of their beryllium causes unique respiratory problems, including chronic beryllium disease;
  • the lead paint industry selling leaded paint even though they knew about lead poisoning and the need to protect workers and children; and
  • the vinyl chloride industry intent on manufacturing plastics at any cost despite their knowledge that vinyl chloride is a liver toxin.
Each of these industries has used trade associations, hired guns and public relations firms to create false science and cover up the dangers of their products. Each of these industries engaged in conspiracies to prevent protective health and safety regulations from being adopted and to maximize their profits, even though it meant death and disease among workers and the public.

We have dedicated our careers as lawyers to fighting this corporate conspiracy. We have handled cases involving all of these industries and represent only people who have been injured by bad business practices, such as workers killed by chemicals in the workplace and families and communities assaulted by environmental degradation. We believe that we can fulfill our obligations as lawyers only by challenging big business’ practices; their lies about the hazards of chemicals workers are exposed to; their reckless release of toxins into the air and water; their distortion of science to delay if not prevent regulations that would protect workers and the public.

It is ever our intent to represent clients to the fullest of our abilities; to get for them full and fair compensation for their injuries; and to seek to punish big business for deliberate misconduct. We will not represent big business. We have been doing this for more than thirty years and intend to continue this effort for years to come.

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